The best way to Clean a Food Processor

The best way to Clean a Food Processor

The best way to Clean a Food Processor The food processor of yours is actually the ideal tool to chop, slice, and shred a lot of recipe ingredients. But cleaning all of the components of its are able to appear as a great deal of bother. In case you can understand the actions you have to take, it is able to go easier and you will be much more likely to work with the food processor of yours. Do not permit the clean up prevent you from making nutritious, tasty, as well as wonderful dishes featuring fruit and veggies fresh. Below are great tips as well as tricks to keep the food processor neat and in great condition of fifteen minutes.

 What You Need

Gentle dish soap

Dish sponge or perhaps cloths

Baking soda

Nylon brush

The best way to Clean a Food Processor Take the food processor apart. Food processors have a number of parts and you will have to remove the top, take out the pusher product, bring out the blade, as well as take the bowl off of the motor. Bits of food is able to hide out in any of those areas and you will need all that divided in order to clean the food processor of yours. Set the blade separate for special care.

Clean the blade. You need to cleanse the blade to begin with, right away after use. This helps keep it clear as any moisture from ingredients or perhaps soaking might dull the blade. This prevents food from drying out within the crevices or maybe hose connected to the blade. These will be simpler to rinse off right after use. To take care to not cut yourself, lightly wash it with a gentle soap as well as a pad. Dry the blade with a dry dish towel so there’s no moisture which may result in rust.

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Clean the removable components. All the removable parts of the food processor may be cleaned in water that is warm with a slight dish soap. You are able to make them soak for some time in case you do not wish to do cleanse them instantly. Don’t scrub the components of the processor with coarse cleaning solutions or perhaps pads. Or perhaps, the removable areas apart from metal cutting blades could be cleaned in the dishwasher on the best rack.

Clean down the base/motor. With a damp cloth, clean down the base/motor region. Don’t submerge the device in water or even pour water over the base/motor system. A simple wipe down is normally all that’s required. For stubborn stains (like tomato), mild dish soap or maybe a baking soda paste might be in a position to lift out the stain.

Completely dried out & assemble the processor. Dry the parts of the processor completely. Set it back together and put it out. In case you work with the food processor of yours on a frequent foundation, store it on a countertop or perhaps in an additional accessible location.


In case the processor of yours is pungent, blend a 1-to-1 ratio of baking water as well as soda. Keep it in the bowl of the processor for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse completely. The sodium bicarbonate is going to absorb the odors.

Nylon brushes are able to help clean blades without as a lot of threat of cutting yourself. For cleaning tubes, you might wish a bit wire brush that could get within the tube.

Make sure you dry out all of the parts completely to avoid bacteria growth or perhaps harm.

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