St Mary’s Church Dubai

St Mary’s Church Dubai

It’s the conviction of mine that God has a program that you can be engaged in the worship as well as ministries of the church.


Founded securely in the faith as well as truth of the Catholic Church, we’re very pleased of the history of the ancestors of ours and are optimistic for the future of ours. Without the Lord’s elegance there’s no different goal for the existence of ours.

I invite you to go through the website of ours in its infancy and also push you to communicate with us in case you’ve thoughts about our parish or maybe its ministries. In case you’re a parish member, there’s an abundance of info for you in order to use and also to provide the many talents of yours in service to the parish of yours.

May God be along with you and all those you enjoy as you live the journey of yours of faith!

H.E. Mgr. Magliacani with H.H.

Throughout 1965 Fr. Eusebio Daveri arrived within Dubai. He obtained something which was much more convenient and, most by himself, began making the preparations for a construction. Magliacani and focused on Mary Assumed into Heaven.

Aside from the church, Fr. Eusebio made a lovely school, for the building of that he actually produced, with the aid of 2 workmen, 16,000 concrete bricks. Nevertheless, quickly at many, the institution needed to be expanded. A brand new wing was added and also inaugurated on twenty six May 1976, on the event of the Bishop Gremoli’s very first trip to Dubai. The appearance of the Comboni Sisters, on six September 1977, brought the institution into the mainstream of living in the Emirates. Now it’s 2,200 pupils and is among the best English medium facilities in the Gulf. It’s affiliated on the Faculty of London and it is certified to issue Advanced Level Certificates. Fathers Moroun, Assan, Riad and Labib have worked there also. Nowadays we’ve a Capuchin priest offered by Lebanon.


The rise in the amount of the faithful necessitated the building of a larger and new church. Constructed on the website of the old church, it is able to accommodate 2,000 persons and it is an excellent monument to the very first century on the Vicariate’s existence. Furthermore, the father’s home is rebuilt, with new practices

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