Ramadan 2017 Dubai

Ramadan 2017 Dubai

The holy month of Ramadan will start on May six in the majority of the Islamic nations, based on the International Astronomical Centre.



Schools must make sure that the total working hours at school each day for pupils don’t exceed 5 hours. Details



According to go to Dubai, major malls are going to continue operating throughout Ramadan, with lengthy late night working hours to support all those fasting between sundown and sunrise. Malls are going to remain available until 1am on weekdays and also until 2am on holidays. Additionally they reminded mallgoers that a few smaller boutiques and businesses that are small might pick to close during the day as well as reopen after sunset. Specifics here


Public transportation, parking timings


The Transport and Roads Authority (RTA) announced alterations on the business working hours of just about all its solutions throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Details









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