Note 8 Price in Dubai

Note 8 Price in Dubai

Samsung has introduced its Galaxy Note ten smartphone in the UAE.


Samsung officials showed off the unit with a launch event at Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah on Tuesday. At the event, it was announced the products themselves will be for sale across the UAE from August thirty, in 3 colours: “aura glow,” “aura white” and “aura black.”


3 distinct suggested retail costs were also announced, based on memory size: Dhs3,499 for the standard 256GB version, Dhs3,999 for the “10 ” 256GB version, along with Dhs4,499 for the 512GB model.


 Of all the advances on the Galaxy Note ten from its predecessors are a better camera, much better screen which reduces eyestrain causing glair, quicker processing speeds, and thirty minutes charging that’s reported to permit a whole day of device use.


The unit comes with a longer electric stylus pen for writing. There’s likewise a “game booster” feature that enhances performance – yet reduces electric power usage – when playing mobile games.


 Earlier in August, analysis firm Gartner released a report forecasting worldwide smartphone sales would stand at 1.5 billion in 2019 – a 2.5 per cent decline from 2018.


Based on Annette Zimmermann, research vice president at Gartner, lengthening smartphone replacement cycles are partly to blame for the drop in demand. She included sales could possibly fall even more in the majority of 2019 as replacement of extremely high, mid-end and low smartphones slows due to a notion among many customers which more recent versions aren’t very much of an improvement from semi recent releases.






Dhs3,499 (256GB version)

Dhs3,999 (256GB Note ten version)

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