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Meena Bazaar Dubai

Incidents of block touts getting close pedestrians around Dubai, offering locks loss’ cures’ and even herbal medications promising’ instant’ weight loss are apparently increasing.


Gulf News received several issues lately from concerned people who’ve really been approached by these touts and also know other people who have.


Readers grumble Anil Kumar is a 53-year-old businessman primarily based in Dubai plus 1 day, causally shopping with the wife of his in deep Dubai’s Meena Bazaar region, he was approached by a single person that is such.


 Casually waiting around along the pedestrian walkway for his wife to go back from a store, based on Kumar, an individual approached him as well as requested whether or not he was searching for a’ cure’ to his sticking out abdominal.


Ads by Teads Seeing his surprised expression, the seller was fast to recommend a herbal medicine and then told Kumar to adopt him to a store. A little uncertain, but looking to get help for the weight loss goals of his, Kumar followed the individual lower Meena Bazaar’s narrow alleyways & footpaths.


Kumar mentioned the vendor walked quick and knew where he was going. “He raced throughout the roadways as in case he’s carried this out a 1000 situations before,” he stated.


Arriving at a store which sold herbal products, the shopkeepers there was fast to suggest a’ medicine’ within the type of any powder which was meant to be combined with different things and valued at Dh1000.


Kumar wasn’t expecting the item to cost you over a couple of 100 dirhams. Not prepared to spend the sum that was directed for, Kumar guaranteed to return later on and quickly left.


 “I needed to let them know I do not have very much cash in the pocket of mine. I was doubtful, and also it wasn’t the proper method to address anyone,” he said.


He was happy he didn’t give in and purchase anything. “I believe you will find those who fall for such scams and buy what’s available, I’d love to alert them about this,” he stated.


Unsuspecting visitors targeted It is not merely UAE residents that are being targeted but travelers have been approached.


  1. A. Josekutty, is a 59-year-old grounded in India. He came to visit the daughter of his in deep Dubai in 2015.


 “My daughter has taken us to Meena Bazaar, that for us were much like such marketplaces in Delhi,” he stated.


During the trip of theirs, he’d a comparable experience as Kumar.


“While we had been walking through the industry, a male that seemed to be an additional person, passed by. He immediately stopped and turned to me and also declared his waist utilized to be good like mine. He informed me it had been a great plant based preparation proposed by someone who helped him drop his paunch.”


Josekutty was trying to become more fit and the male’s confidence convinced him.


“I do not how or even why, but this particular discussion influenced me, and I eagerly requested him from in which I can obtain the said organic pill,” he said.


Just love Kumar, he was taken to a shop in the region.


Josekutty had taken the leap and purchased the medicine provided to him. It wasn’t as costly as the one given to Kumar, it cost you Josekutty Dh100.


Hours after purchasing the concoction, Josekutty realised he wasn’t satisfied with the decision of his of purchasing it and believed that the item may not be as helpful as he was informed.


“I seem like they primarily net unsuspecting visitors. They can readily notice fresh guests through their body language,” he stated.


Gulf News pursues issues Gulf News reader and an additional target associated with a similar incident in Sharjah’s Rolla spot, Gulzar Ahmad, defined with the issues and chosen to offer Meena Bazaar a visit, together with Gulf News.


The 50-year-old walked around for some time in an aspect of Meena Bazaar which is especially known to be popular amongst shopkeepers attempting to solicit passers by.


While waiting, Ahmad recalled the event which required site in deep Sharjah aproximatelly 8 years ago. “I have usually been insecure about the weight of mine, especially my paunch and also when an individual, who I thought could possibly assist me achieve the goals of mine with organic solutions, approached me, I was swift to enjoy him,” he said.


Much love what occurred with people who frequented Meena Bazaar, Ahmad was brought to a shop found Sharjah’s Rolla at which he purchased herbal’ medicines’ that guaranteed him to assist him with the weight loss of his, insufficient electricity as well as eyesight. It cost him concerning Dh250.


“He [the shopkeeper] was basically naming all sorts of ailments he thought I may have and also informed me that this particular powder will assist me,” he recalled.


RDS_190826 CR – Meena Bazaar 1 1566483175580 Nigella seeds have been one of the primary ingredients within the’ medicine’ provided to Ahmad and Kumar and Josekutty.


“I do not understand why I purchased the item and I’ll undoubtedly won’t fall because of it again,” he said.


During the Ahmad’s as well as Gulf News’ time at the school, without one approached him thus he made a decision to enter a store similar to those that these touts more often than not lead individuals to.


A Nigella seeds based item much like the one many individuals that have complained was available to Ahmad. The shopkeepers promised it would’ cure’ the exact same illnesses the people in Sharjah had informed him about.


Nigella seed products have lengthy been utilized in natural medicine and for different culinary purposes, such as to protect foods. They’re generally accustomed to help raise the immune system, reduce swelling, fight cancer, as well as reduce allergy symptoms by acting as an antihistamine along with other ailments.


Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai comments Ahmad Al Zaabi, Consumer Protection, Director, Commercial Compliance as well as Consumer Protection (CCCP) segment at the DED told Gulf News which lodging a criticism is the greatest idea when someone possesses a complaint about such problems in the UAE. “Departments & teams focused on such things will require action,” he said.


Dubai Police provides assist Gulf News spoke to Dubai Police concerning the problem and stated that in case a person thinks he or maybe she’s annoyed and bothered by the shopkeepers well then there’re able to contact the police command space on 901 or perhaps visit the nearest police station to purchase a complaint.

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