Mediclinic Dubai Mall

Mediclinic Dubai Mall

Mediclinic Dubai Mall Pharmacy, a reputable drugstore within Dubai Mall, Dubai is recognized to offer reliable and quality service. We try to offer the customers of ours and also institutes the profit of purchasing quality medications at any time on the morning. Our vision is helping our clients be healthy by helping the medical needs of theirs.

Mediclinic Dubai Mall comes with an ultramodern Radiology as well as Imaging Department built with the state of the art form imaging modalities and it is handled by a team of committed technologists headed by extremely skilled and skilled radiologists.

Specialized imaging facilities

The newest MRI machine delivers exact study of mind, joints and spine. Additionally it’s effective at reports on the liver, billiard tree stenography research, pelvic outflow scientific studies & pelvic organs.

Among the latest advancements is the capability of its to picture breasts (with particular breast coil) in hard to analyze cases. MR Radiogram goes through the arteries as well as veins of the human brain, body, abdomen and extremities.

Yet another main benefit with this printer is the capability of its to do MRI cardiac studies in children and adults. With the improvement to multi slice CT, the multi formatted and also 3D images have raised analysis capability. With the new unit, the study could be finished in several seconds, conserving patient’s period. Among the unique benefits of this particular printer is the capability of its to assess the coronary arteries of the center non invasive with a center to calculate calcium scoring. More and more physicians and patients prefer this non invasive approach to examining coronary arteries.

This printer is backed by a modern day strain injector for contrast moderate injection. The three dimensional images are of help that is great in the analysis of fractures, aneurysms and tumors.

CT radiogram is of worth in pulmonary embolism, brain vessels and neck, extremities and abdominal arteries. CT guided drainage methods stop surgeries.

CT assisted virtual colonoscopy is a crucial tool which may be put on to extremely ill individuals that aren’t healthy for colonoscopy.

Digital mammography device with 3D tom synthesis. High quality electronic Images Intelligent immediate exposure charge and power to identify breast with implants and put on dose accordingly Ability to complete breast tom synthesis Ability to do stereo tactic biopsy

Magnification spot plus compressed available The Department is filmless and paperless virtually with the application of PACS and RIS (Radiology Information System and also Picture Archiving Communication System). The moment the exploration is over, the pictures gets to the radiologist’s and even physicians’ computers for taking a look at and interpretation; thus staying away from some loss in time in the management of the individuals. All of the interpretation accounts as well as pictures can be found at all times. There’s absolutely no possibility of losing research or maybe report and neither mixing up reports. Subsequent investigations will be as opposed with the prior studies easily – just a click of a button out!

Aside from these specialized imaging amenities, the department includes: Digital tom synthesis – this method uses x rays which aids within Orthopedics by detecting micro fractures in hips, knee & wrists which may be missed in regular x-rays

Whole spine slotting – a brand new method in which the entire spine is caught with a reduced serving and without sacrificing some clarity of image quality

Urological and gastrointestinal fluoroscopic procedures

Ultrasound with ultrasound and color Doppler guided methods like as Trout and biopsies

Orthographically with 3D Cone beam With the accessibility of technical expertise and sophisticated equipment, different healing treatments that are simple and safe options to medical measures in risk patients that are high will be done in the division.

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