Meat Lovers Unite At this Mumbai Restaurant Serving A Metre Long Afghani Kebab

Meat Lovers Unite At this Mumbai Restaurant Serving A Metre Long Afghani Kebab


 Meat Lovers Unite At this Mumbai Restaurant Serving A Metre Long Afghani Kebab


Kebab enthusiasts in Mumbai, rejoice! When you think about kebabs, what involves your brain is possibly the Nawabi Lucknowee Tunday Kebab or maybe the Afghani Kandhari Kebab, correct? Nevertheless, to find a succulent kebab of Mumbai is unusual. But perhaps, not any longer.


Taftoon, Kitchen and Bar, an eating places inside Mumbai has come up with a unique kebab appetizer experience. They’re helping a meter long kebab referred to as Kandhari Koobideh Kebab, together with a few flavourful Afghani Mantu Meat dumplings. Yes, you hear that properly! A one-metre-long kebab which ai n’t a regular kebab.


The making of the specific one-metre-long kebab


A great deal goes in the making of this heavenly portion of kebab. Made with hand pounded minced lamb and marinated within their secret Afghani spices immediately, the kebab will be barbecued on a flat skewer for twenty minutes. The secret of its flavours is based on the job of your time invested within marinating the finely minced lamb beef. The kebab likewise includes dumplings overused with minced lamb meats, onions as well as a hint of Afghani spices. It is served with rumali roti as well as sides, like pickled vegetables.


 The secret lies within the art of plating


And like they are saying, the key to a memorable dish is based on the art form of plating. Garnished with oven dried tomatoes, the kebab is at last offered over a bed of colourful salad, which makes it a picture perfect recipe for the Instagram feeds. Enough to generate your followers drool.


It is not full yet. The dumplings also are topped with tomato based as well as garlic flavoured yoghurt sauces. A bite, and also it is a gamut of flavours in the mouth of yours. For the uninitiated, Mantu is a commonly ingested Afghani delicacy served on most special events and gatherings.


The dish is valued at Rs 2,799. Well, since the percentage on the kebab served, it is just apparent that you will not be able to eat it all by yourself. Wasting kebab is a sin, therefore that is not an option. Call in friends to overeat on this humongous kebab and that is only offered this month.

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