Mai Dubai

Mai Dubai

To grow by means of exceeding customers’ anticipations and also giving high quality services and products Of Mai Dubai, in a cutting-edge, secure, happy and efficient work spot, while proactively being in charge towards our environment and society.The Vision of mai water A Region Leading, Innovative and sustainable Bottled Water Provider.The story of mai water in Dubai


Mai Dubai as a business was started in December 2012, but building just began in June 2013 and also the center was finished in a question of eleven months. After the profitable commissioning of the machines of ours, the sales team of ours went to promote in March 2014. We realised soon on that the company signifies Dubai, an international brand that is short for quality that is high, standards that are high along with a grand customer experience, so there’s zero compromise when it concerned our investment and effort towards creating a best-in-class provider. In terms of the name of ours, we needed different things so Mai is definitely the spoken way of thinking water in Arabic and also In English when somebody hears Mai Dubai they believe “my Dubai” so that it gets really convenient to recall in either case.


As an entity, we’re authorized as an LLC and we are fully owned by Dubai Electricity as well as Water Authority that is one more vital reason in ensuring probably the highest standards of quality globally and locally.


After more than 4 years after the launch of Mai Dubai, it’s become among the major bottled drinking water businesses within the UAE, as well as surely a very popular brand. Today Mai Dubai is a household brand not just in the UAE but in many markets around the planet.


We have been on an amazing and extremely demanding journey, that has point us to export to more than one dozen nations around the globe, to obtain world class awards, accolades and certifications but that is just the start. To day, Mai Dubai has exported the products of its to many places in The GCC, Europe, Africa, and Asia and after 2015 we have been the happy h2o refreshment partner of Emirates Airlines.

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