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Iocanto Dubai

2 Emirati suspects confessed to raping one of the victims The Dubai public Prosecution is interrogating 5 UAE nationals and 4 Asians, who were arrested by Dubai Police for robbing 7 Asians, such as 6 females, in addition to raping a female at a brothel.


The Operation Room of Dubai Police’s recently got a call at three am about a rape and theft incident in a home located in the city’s Al Waheed area.


A police patrol team was dispatched to the place and also found that 6 Asian females and a male, who had been working as prostitutes, were robbed.


The 35-year-old male suspect, females and Sh.b – 24-year-old M.A, 28-year-old B.A, 25-year-old M.B, 20-year-old Sh.P, 23-year-old B.T and thirty one year old A.M told the authorities that they called the police to report about a robbery by a team of males. Among the suspects had threatened them with a knife.


Describing the suspects, the victims stated that one of them spoke Arabic as well as the additional spoke Pashto.


The well built males broke into the house and stole the money of theirs and mobile phones.


Among the females, 30-year-old Sh.B, had also been raped by 2 suspects, the victims added.


The police referred the female on the forensic laboratory and formed a team to check out the situation – the team was able to arrest 7 suspects, including 4 Emirati suspects.


The arrested were identified as: first Emirati suspect A.A, second suspect M.A, third suspect A.M, and fourth suspect H.M along with the 3 Asians, D.Sh, B.M and F.A.


During police interrogation, the third suspect confessed that the 9 accomplices headed to the flat, which was being operated as a brothel – to hold out a robbery. He stated that the fourth, ninth and fifth suspects came from Sharjah to Dubai, met additional suspects and took them to the flat identified by the fourth suspect.


Divulging more details about the robbery, the third suspect added that after they stole Dh4,500 after they broke in to the house, which they divided among themselves. They also stole sixty two mobile phones of different brands from the victims.

The second and first Emirati suspects then raped the thirty year old Asian female, Sh.B.


Police arrested the second and first suspects in Al Khwaneej area, while the sixth, eighth and seventh suspects had been arrested in Sharjah’s Qasimya area.The third suspect was arrested in Al Warqa, while the 5th suspect was arrested in Oud Al Muteena on the exact same day.


UAE nationals A.O and A.B. have previous criminal records for forcible theft, and confessed that they threat the victims at knife point and raped one of the females.


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