Dubai Courts

Dubai Courts

Authored by Maitha Al Khayat, the guide is released in online and print on November twenty, for International Children’s Day.




 “So, it is sort of also afraid for me to try to illustrate and create something this way since it indicates accessing the skeletons within the closet and also acknowledging this happened to me too.


“At the very same time, I am very pleased I’ve the opportunity to do something this way since it means I can assist ­children safeguard themselves,” she stated.


Rights are developed in the very first person, so kids may easily understand and connect with it.


The Kid Rights Law arrived into outcome wearing 2016 right after it had been authorized by the Federal National Council.


Is printed copies of the Kid Rights Law are handed out at schools but tend to be a difficult read and also lots of are ignorant of its range.


This comprises talking about subjects like psychological and physical abuse.


 Nevertheless, considering what could come about in case we do not teach the kids their rights made us good and motivated to do the part of ours as teachers.



“I’ve been a kids’ author for ten years,” she said. “I’ve been carrying out a great deal of book readings and also instilling a love of checking in kid’s hearts by practicing stories that are funny.


I am feeling very blessed.”


The ebook is going to be a conversation opener for adults and children. Print copies will be sent out across the nation in Arabic and English and posts are under way to incorporate it to the national curriculum upon its introduction. The project is backed by the Ministry of Interior as well as Ministry of Community.


The Kid Rights Law protects kids against all types of negligence, exploitation, psychological and physical abuse. Additionally, it provides authorities the right to take out kids from the homes of theirs in situations of danger that is imminent. All those who put kids in danger could be jailed and fined.


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